Saturday, May 27, 2006

Just a writing

Well "life goes on and time continues". Its about going to be month's time since I have left campus. i dont feel nostalgic about that now but certainly when i look back it gives me a glimpse of the hours I wasted and utlized. Any way these days I got back my confidence and the rythm that I had. It really feels good. I m in touch with just few friends for I was mentally aware that those who gonna have contacts afterwards r different people. Thats why I never gave a diary to any one to write nor I showed interest in writing. Lets c how long does it go along. I got the reservation for Bangalore. Now people have started asking what r doing "now" I say I m doing nothing but busy. I have been defencive so far but now on iwill play life at front foot.
Lets c. Bye.

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