Saturday, March 17, 2007


Great genius Albert Einstein proved this world to be a relative one following some rules of relativity and having some constraints. Hats off to that visionary genius.
It sounds paradoxical that the non physical things r more relative than the physical substance. We assume some one to be an intelligent person with respect to some one. We say some one is good relative to another. All these mental attributes r relative. So we and our thoughts r also relative.
We say a point is something which has no dimension and hence we can't put a definition for it. But we define a straight line as an one dimensional collection of points. Points?? But have not we just concluded that point has no definition; how come we can define something as a collection of something which it self is undefined. Isn't that weird. Again we say a plane is a collection of these points spreading infinitesimally. How come? If something has no dimension how can we assume its collection would make any sense? Worth's some thinking.
Now come to human attitude. We will make a geometrical analogy of it. If we r single minded and have a single character it hardly make any sense like a point but if we have a collection of such characters then is will be like a straight-line. But compare the straight line with a plane .....the straight-line is blank isn't it? So we still need to be versatile and have more firm characters to make some sense. But isn't a plane blank as compared to the 3-dimetional cube; yes its blank. That means there is not a limit to the point we can grow our character attributes. To make us mark able we need MULTIDIMENSIONAL growth of CHARACTER. Then only we r distinct .
So, we can conclude 2 points from the above analogy.
1) We need to grow in multiple dimetion with multiple abilities to match up life's indefinite requirements.
2) And most importantly we must not neglect any event or any thing because its small. the point is that it has some significance, up on which we can build on. Like a small dimensionless point builds a straight line which in turn builds a plane and ultimately the plane build the cube which is full.


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