Monday, October 21, 2013

Vantage Point - Life

There are three ways to look at life. One is to look up and feel that sense of being a so so tiny spec in the grand scheme of things. Second is to look around, feel the chaos and get nervous. Other way is to look with in, deep with in and feel that sense of identity, feel the sense of equality, dead or alive, sense of mortality.

Most of us, spend most of our life in one of these states, oblivious to other two. How we live, how we spend our life becomes a function of which of these states we tend more to be in. Sometime we are so engrossed with the second state that we forget we are mortals, we forget we are remnant of supernovae, we forget we are nothing. We feel our weight, we cling to things so hard that we leave no space for anything, even the thought that (fact actually) we, negligibly small entities are riding on a revolving stone and we only have a limited number of rides around the sun! And its then that we collapse under our own weight, and we get hurt. In that endless struggle to accumulate dead materials, a bigger number on a digital payslip on screen, that signage with our name standing on a tiny part of this revolving rock, called earth, which was never ours, neither it will be, we trade our life. We trade "what-could-have-been" for "what-we-are-expected to". Could have been is always infinite possibilities, happiness, memories, people, emotions and realization of all three states. But then, we have traded it to get more of "what-we-are-expected-to". Best way to deal with expectation when its not coming from with in, is to ignore it. People inherently want other people to be like them! Its a bitter reality. Our brain, in the fight of survival always deceives us to believe we are smarter, right and better than others. And everyone wants us to be like them.
         why is life or what is life are meaningless questions cause the answer might not change a thing. What's important is, how is life. that's in our control. Life is a set of memories, good or bad, but just a set of memories. The choices we make creates them. The memories make more sense when we know we are a set of atoms, no different then a stone. That we do not weigh even negligibly in the universe. That we are mortals
          We have got a ticket to take a joy ride on a revolving rock. Let's make sure we have that joy, in our ride before the ticket expires!


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