Sunday, December 01, 2013

That first little step

I was born disabled. Not able to eat on my own, not able to move even. We all were born disabled! I was worthless, of no use for many years. Just like you all were. But love brought me up. Love transformed my disabilities into multifacade abilities. I grew to be a more lovable human, who can love back and show gratitude for all the love I got when I was a disabled, demanding lesser self. But its love who made me take that first little step geared with curiosity and fearlessness and above all hope. Years have passed, I am a able man with stronger arms, legs, wiser brain and clear eyesight. But am I a better self? I don't know. Have I compromised on the very traits that  help me sail when I was a disabled growing baby? Am I as fearless, curious and hopeful? Can I be ready yet again to stumble, fall, stand up and take that first step? I started with nothing. I will end with nothing. But I can relive the moments of growing, building myself in a stronger and better way every time I take the little first step! I was ready when I was born. Am I ready when ever life demands me to be?


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