Friday, August 11, 2006

Improvement Time.....!!

I realized its high time now I must act as per the plans now. I am going to create a company now in a couple of week. As I am the single employee so it will take around a months time to develop the infrastructure and the technical back bone too. But surely its half way done as I have got the Required web space and the licence today. It costs me around Rs 4000/- so to start a company with Rs 4000/- is not a bad idea at all is n't it. Well It will be some online......... I wont say this before hand. Just wait a month and then the real bang would come around.
What pains is that now I sleep for 6 hrs a day but now on for the next one month... I may not get that much time too! May be I will cut it short to 4 hrs. How ever I need co-operation of u all. So be right there to celebrate the opening ceremony! That would be online too.......
Me yaar... thew So called Abinash.

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