Thursday, November 09, 2006

Well I have more Audience that I think....

It was one of my earlier posts in my blog where I had mentioned ... "No one except JB checks my blog.". But its today I got a mail from a beloved junior (Mihir ) that he checks it regularly and was a bit upset as I had not included him in my audience. Then many more reported that they usually check my blog and are frequent visitor. After that post I have received around 15 complains that I should be careful while dealing with such statistics. Well I am really glad that I have a good reasonable number of audience and too frequent ones. Thaks a lot. And sorry for the exclusion. Arbind has also become a profound reader of my blog so thanks to him too. One had mentioned he finds my writing very inspiring so I keep on doing that. Well thats good.
I will keep on wrting and updating my blog every now and then.. but I am getting a lil busy as I am also doing a part time job as a "creative writer" for an online advertising company. So do check my blog regularly and thanks againg.

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