Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The new unit of Time...

The time is flying. I don't know how fast but its flying. In this course my random incoherent thoughts stopped as I took a peek at the wall clock which also shows the date. Date? " Huh.." who on earth remembers the dates!!!! Its all the days now: Mon to Sun. And I believe we count the days just because we awaits for the beautiful Friday evening. On Monday morning its nothing but more kind of a new variety of count. Neither a count down nor a count up but a "Count through" for the upcoming Friday. And that how now I cope with this flying time. When I was in the school I remember counting time by periods. One day would be 6 periods, and with every passing period a day used to get shorten. Then I became little older and dates would soon become the counting unit. But it couldn't last long.
Then the engineering career the 4 years. Where we counted a year as two semester. With one semester half year ended. And a semester became the unit of time for 4 years, of course we had few shorter units like mid-sems which would account for half of a semester. Then this corporate life.... now the unit is "week". A month is no more a collection of 30 days on an average but a month is of 4 weeks. Each week is calculated with days and days are of 2 half. 9-1 the first half and 2-6 the second half. The week ends, the month ends and with this ends a year. I become one year older or say one more year closer to my death! what ever that aint the point of discussion. I just wanted to express my bewilderment of this changing unit of time.
Now a week does not seem long may be because a week accounts for a very small proportion of our age, while a period seemed very long in school may be because the proportion of a week to our present age is less than the proportion of a period to our child hood age.

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Pradheep said...

Good one abt how one should count the time in different periods of life. Hope now u'r counting in terms of Bugs per day and week :)).