Thursday, May 29, 2008

Life is where lies light.

"Its a choice. A choice of yours to decide if you want to change your notion. For your believes are not going to outlast you. Neither you are going to outlast them. Both will cease to exist. Move on, get over it, you are as mortal as your thoughts. Understand the fact and understand the existence. The stubborn mind is fugacious. Then what for you feel the pride in? You are "never-lasting" what you misunderstand it to be "ever-lasting". The actions won't remain the same, they will change and they will die. The remnant you confuse to have in this world after you depart will die. The world will die. This is a mortal world. Understand. The "system" the life, the choices all are on the same mortal cord still they have their stints. Understand the purpose of action, nature and the changes. The system creates scope for you every moment to understand it, to pursue the fact. The scope is here in every moment like light. The life is like the spectrum of light. Travels in all possible directions in all [possible dimensions at each point of existence. This speaks the immortal existence of the being. The unconditional and un-dimentional existence. Understand the scope, understand the system.
Don't waste this coherence of transience in unnecessary psychology. The emotions are a strong equipment for understanding the system. Don't mislead yourself faraway with the illusion that its ever lasting. Understand its "never-lasting."
Give up the unnecessary psychological cord. Apathy is where lies the key to understand inner existence.


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(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

now that is one hell of a post :-)
Interesting I have been trying to tell my friend the same thing since the past few days... I think I am going to have him read this..
thanks for the insight :-)