Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Let the letter go!!!!

They all seem to be happy and excited in the start. The start was good. Slowly and steadily each one had their turn. To kill the excitement. The excitement turned into sarcasm and then to dull dismal spirit eventually to loathe. They all stood there frowning at each other as I looked on smiling. Fake sympathy flowed so rhetoric of commitments. The dejected faces and the hostile demeanor gave them that sinful bliss. Restless on the seat and the day through out they kept the topic on fire. "It's unfair justice to me" some one would say. I wondered if its unfair how come its justice? They rebuked they reproached.
An unhappy flow of living man gathered, and recited the anthem of false hood. I was asked if I am happy, I replied "Hum to nappy main bhi happy" (Come on let the letter go. U are happy. You are getting more than what you have. Reason to smile). It was the day we got the salary appraisal letters. :)



Mihir jha said...

Hey it reminded me of a similar incidence narrated by one of my relatives,presently working in Wipro.Beautiful explanation of the ongoing scenario.

Hardly a matter of concern for a man so satisfied!!!!hehe..

Lakshmi Easuwaran said...

hahaha.. good one :)