Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Goa - The see experience of the sea (personal account)

Standing on the porch of the land, the beach the sight holds the infinity. The bubbly waves run into you foaming around the feet and embrace you with the welcome hug. The smell of the blue that the wind brings and moist you lips is enriching. The feet move deep into the water gripping the sand beneath and fingers snuggled. A smile runs through the face and arms stretch wide open to have the juvenile desire to hold the whole sea, the whole horizon. As you move you feel the chill of water and warmth of feeling that it brings. The mild music, the hearty laughs, the sound of wave, the dancing beauties magnify the whole sight into a scenery. The whole beach is a world in itself. Lively, enchanting and engrossing.

Off the beach lies the small huts decorated with lights, flowers and the handicrafts to create the genuine sense of being in Goa. Lovely couples walking hands in hand, energetic elders living their youth again, and the local residents running to earn a business make the crowd off and on the beach. The idly and chatni on the banana leaf makes the breakfast more delicious. The smell of fish curry and the menu of seafood brings the foody even in the fitness maniacs. The speeding bikes, the white skinned bare bodied mass, the hippie stylish women make you a sight of youthfulness. Smiling you move on to the road to explore the beaut of sea, the country sight embodied in the catholic styled houses holds your eyes.

Long way down the sea are the water freaks taking up sports. Gliding above the blue line, diving into the depth, conquering the waves. The days see it all. The wave becoming tide. The dry becoming wet. The rise going down. The boats returning soar. The beach becoming a party. The day becoming night. The darkness becoming enlightened. The silent wind becoming musical. The day sees it all. The sea prepares to welcome a new day. Goa lives in every drop of the sea and the sea lives in Goa.


jem said...

Wao!!I could imagine how Goa looks from the way it is expressed.I could feel it in every word used to desribe it.And the photos are juz awesome..truly said "Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder":)

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