Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Random thoughts - Again

Well I was wondering what all things you see here around us and find to your utter surprise, they are socially, personally entertained. Not a question asked and taken for granted..

1. Staring at people
2. Riding bike on the pavement
3. Bad garlic breath with an aroma of onion
4. Ogling at "Female" (any age, any shape, any race.... includes bitches :P)
5. Running behind the time, thats an official governmental attitude now pursued by every citizen of the republic
6. Being an IT professional
7. Being a politician
8. Spitting just any where (including inside theaters, public transport - thats why its public, government office's walls, on a bald head, over a Mercedes) it adds to bio degenereable content to environment you know.
9. Pissing - any where again... on walls, on animals, in the public gathering, in front of girl's hostel, inside college class rooms, just any place you think of even it adds to the biospheric fuel.
10. Blame anyone you find dead or alive, mass or indivisual, for anything that entertains you.

If you find some one doing all the above welcome to the community, its an Indian.



jem said...

Very true:)

Anonymous said...

Bravo, your idea it is brilliant

ANU said...

well said, but I love to be an Indian :)

Sangeeta R. Goswami said...

ya true, bt we also smwhere somehow belongs to one of the mentioned categories, lets say no. 10