Sunday, May 23, 2010

So you watch English movies?

I never used to watch English movies. Two reasons: Its in English and second reason I would never remember the lead in male and female, leave director or production house name.
For me English movies were either science fictions or high end action. Its not an English movie if I dont get to see a weird creature hunting the human race or flying saucer vanishing in to the eternal space or man clad with laser guns fighting. Cause dialogues I would anyway not understand. And I would never deliberate to do so either.  The protocol is keep your eyes fix on to movie, never look at any one they might ask you to explain what the hero just said (I never knew there exist some thing called sub titles). Take a cue from others to know where to laugh. If others are laughing, laugh. Just see those creatures and try to by heart few scenes to have post movie discussions and you dont feel like a moron jerk.

Now its been some 3 years I have been watching English movies (Well I mean watching in real sense not in the protocol I mentioned above). So this is a tribute to myself :D

A list of movie I liked genre wise, so that if there is any body who is starting his/her "watching movies in real sense" may not end up watching crap or watch just anything they stumble up on.

War Movie:
1. Saving private ryan
2. We were soldier
3. The bridge on the river kwai
4. Inglorious bastard
5. Hurt locker
6. 300
7. Schindler's List
8. Brave heart
9. The Pianist
10 The last of the Mohicans
11. The last samurai
12. Jar head


1. Gladiator
2. Lord of the rings: the return of the king 3. Troy

This will be updated soon (m little too lazy :()

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