Monday, June 21, 2010

Random Idea again

Ever thought why the real estate business gives exponential returns? And what is the essence of real estate business?
Its the futuristic value of the rather constant and invariable property. The property does not grow as such, it continues to stay where it is. What grows is the business, civilization and demand around it. Hence it becomes a shout after place at a high rate.

Now coming to the idea. Whats the real estate in the web world?? In web all we have is a browser to surf the infinite space of data cloud. We build website and web applications for that and like real estate we have got an address for them too! Wow. That means the address is the value identifier.

Why can't we buy domain names that may be of interest in future for the bigger players to suit their business essence or self explanatory domain names to make a particular business idea identified? We can. and we can buy them now and keep them and later can put them up for auction as and when the business of similar essence starts catching up!

All about becoming a web realtor!


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