Friday, March 24, 2006


The acceleration of time is accelerating. And with moment that passes we get farther from out ideal self. Every where change it taking place at a faster pace like never. We all we forget them like every time. Sonia Gandhi showed her firm stand and courage quiting the posts. How this world look at woman hood?? The way the common indians look is definitely preety sad. The just can't tolerate a woman leading man any way. But time has spoken and its the time where the potent can only lead leaving all others behind. Its not that people are doing all these sort of activities for they r patriots or the real leaders ...but I would like to use the term coined by Thomas L. Freidman for George W. Bush...."leadfingt by bad example." The indian leaders who r leader of wods and not work not set bad examples. The forget people like Mahatma Gandhi has ever walked this land. They forget....." EMPIRES CAN BE BUILT EVEN WITH A WALKING STICK, WHERE SOME TIMES EVEN THE ARMY FAILS"

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