Thursday, June 01, 2006

An odyssey of "self"

Today I started acting as per the time need and not mine and landed on the IT hub Bangalore. The city as i found is on the run... busy all the way and all the time. No one has got time for anything.... but chasing not after their dreams or going not closer to their self. But chasing after something weird which they too don't know and it take them away from "themselfs". A diffrent life. The best way to love others is to love oneself... the best way to help others is to help himself and the best way to make others win is to never let himself to loose. But here we r running away from the so called "SELF". How funny is not it? The time I took the first step I found a repultion and a hesitation some where inside I don't know why! I will find it out tonight however.
i need to work on many thongs if at all I want a distinct place here in the busy crowd and I will. The trying factor is something I like very much about humans... there is vartually no limit to the extent to which one can try. Lets c and lets play. Lets set rules not to be followed by others but ourselfs. Lets find a perfect place for us in this crowded city. Lets BANGALORE.

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