Monday, July 31, 2006

My fiRsT lOvE lEtTeR !!!!

This is just to tell u that I love you! I am weak at something called emotion so may it be considered as an emotional or emotionless letter; up to the reader.
This proposal of love is not about growing dependent on each other but to be independent of everything. This is a proposal to found a relation which can grow beyond the social understanding to come out as an eternal philosophy. I don’t know if u like me or not or lets say if u love me or not but your acceptance wont please me and your rejection wont hurt me for regardless of your decision the fact that I love you stands like an iron wall unaltered. But certainly your positive acknowledgement would re-enforce my act with satisfaction and can be a fuel for my life. I don’t want you to act for me in my failure there is no point in growing parasite.... but of course I need some one who is always there at the other side of the tunnel to welcome me into the world of light. I need you desperately! Our love will not be limited to the generic meaning.... but it will rise to an unprecedented height where we can serve a common purpose in the path called life. This will lay foundation to an everlasting faith and will where we can take pain as pleasure and flank these materialistic limitations.
I love you because you r the only one who can understand my priorities let me understand yours. I love you because you r the only one who can play life and you r the only one who can understand this letter.

Love you ever!


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Lakshmi the Great said...

I wish that you get one that you wish for ...