Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Finally in Love

It was little different then usual. It was a day I felt the feeling. The innocent beautiful face almost in slow motion would move on my eyes. The lips would stretch a little to be called smiling. And I smile. The smile of immature love. The smile of solace you find no where else. she would look at me. And I feel the chill looking into her deep, adorable brown eyes. A sublime current euphoria would run through my body and I take my eyes away in an almost involuntary way, almost because it is voluntary. The man ego plays the role. You can't be staring at some one. But pretend the eye contact is accidental. The demeanor must reflect some kinda of false attitude. But love is overwhelming when ever it strikes, may be thats why its not a emotion and residue of all others, thats why its love. The most powerful of anything. A deep force of confession, ecstasy, revival, life, hope, will and divinity. Love.
In a chase of her one glimpse I would behave in almost stupid way. Almost for other don't catch it. You are not stupid as long as you are considered wise. She won't let me have that satisfaction of at least acquaintance. But I am glad. The characteristic of acquaintances would devise a screen of politeness never can be removed. Better be unknown. Who wants to know? Love does not demand cognizance, love lies in pure ignorance. Love lies in the submission of everything for the sake of faith. Its past, hence its a fact. That I loved her. But its still in the present so its a lively fact. And truth in present is as rare as time in past. I wont loose it. Its mine.
And the I love her is mine too.


HellDev said...

Enufff now bro!!! Talk to her. Period.


RustyNails said...

"...I loved her..."
You meant, you still love her. I've heard one of my friends say that love is forgotten sometimes. I find that hard to believe.

Anyways, I wanted to know, if it was one day suddenly that you realized the feeling of love? I like to believe that love shapes up in our like our life builds up around us. Our life is what we think and do. Love is also a manifestation of our thoughts and what we do, hence it is life itself. Do you realize life one day, and hence love?

Oh... I would like to add that, I came to know about your blog through one of your friends at GIT, Gunupur: Lingraj.

ANU said...

"Love lies in the submission of everything for the sake of faith"..its so true but very few people know or realise this!