Friday, March 20, 2009

Lonely I feel happy

Lonely evenings sips in as the over accompanied days die out. Seclude, I take refuse in the well lit, room. Finding myself comfortable on the edge of the bean bag, just with a stare at a point. The scent is spread in the room. The zincs, dazzling here and there. The creases in the sheet, the coffee mug with standing exactly at the same place. The dust coat on the TV screen ornamented with her name. The place has just been decorated with beauty. The beauty which is absolute for me. Sill they seem to others. The sound of breathes resonating the air, the movements still reflecting everywhere. The smiles I feel inside me. The magical eyes looking directly into mine. The mystic sound of the voice. And the beautiful bright face. They just fit in to create magic, absolute magic.

Lonely I feel happy.


1 comment:

jem said...

that's so romantic:)I loved the way its described.lucky gal huh!