Saturday, April 18, 2009

The modernised sexual frustration

Man has always been striving to satisfy his sexual aggression by any means and many means. Bisexuality, homo sexuality, some people indulge in imaginative sex. But lately I have come across a different species of man, and to my surprise he majority belong to this class. They tend to have an inclination for verbal sex, with just anyone for that matter. Passing obscene comments, and "on-a-lighter-note" statements when they use dual meaning words. And then shamelessly brag it. The senseless stupidity is flaunted as wit full intellectual ability. I pity them. In my office I have seen people doing so with an appended statement of "don't-take-it-otherwise". On chat exploiting the limitation of English script to spell out regional words say hindi words which actually carries a vulgar meaning. And they like it. And both the genders. The guys mostly take the lead in doing so and the girls take the pride in approving it. All
"in-a-lighter-note-you-know". But some where with in they are approving their sexual frustration with it. Knowing or unknowingly. Its not new. Its subtle existence
is apparent in the old literature and cinema too. It has now become a cult. A sign of metro sexuality. But the modernity has reinvented this retro approach. In work place,
glass builds, chilled aired chambers, when these sex starving frustrated heads assemble. They indulge in this witful verbal sex. And few who choose to withdraw from
it just become silent onlooker and reproach in recluse. And take out frustration as criticism or judgment by writing such blogs.


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(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

finally someone said something about it. I totally agree with you. It happens everywhere... and I think the people do it more are more "frustrated" :-)
I feel sorry for them.