Saturday, December 09, 2006

My Apology

What else can I do,
In life I have friends quite a few.

I fight them for the good,
I don’t regard their mood.
In me they find an enemy
But my friendship is always true.

I can’t stand no blame,
It hurts to burn in the flame.

My eyes are dreary,
I am no prodigal,
Am sure I do.. but It makes me weary.

I can’t give nothing,
But all my apologies.

I used to care,
when friends were fair,

I wish time would change,
And I may (be) back in the range.

I would fight with my reckless dare,
Oh, time would come when I will learn to care.

Now all I give is
My apologies.

----- By Abinash Sarangi

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