Saturday, December 16, 2006

We and the People....

What I have learned over the years is Joy is the purpose of life. Joy in everything even in pain. And now we live for it. We try finding joy in what ever we do but seldom we take a look back to find if its really the kind of joy we wanted. We live in a "lower middle class" country India. Most of us like me hails from lower middle class back ground. In course of time we begin to earn and spend. We rise from lower middle class to middle and then to upper class making a cluster of our own. And then the joy comes again... we spend time with friends and say we find joy in all these. But what we do really is we spend money more than time and find solace that we "can" spend so much. This can factor ignites a proud: a feeling of vague joy. Every morning I set out for office I see few men/women on the road side collecting garbage from drains and fields. I find them wearing the same torn and dirty dress and the same bare foot. I find them unaware of the term "beauty". I find them with un-oiled hair with pre mature grayish color. But they don't beg.. they earn a living that way. I don't like beggars for they never posses a self and always wait for favors. But these men who work but never grow, sleep but never dream, survive but never live, what about them? Consequently their children who never find the privilege to educate them selves and work in the same drain where they were born. What is their fault? They are faulty for taking birth? Are they faulty to have parents who can't find even one time meal? What is their fault? But when we pass bye we reward them by speaking out some monosyllables: "oohhh".." bechara"... "aahaa".... etc etc. But we never don't understand they have not begged our sympathy, they have not ask us to think about them. But what we do is just this "professional sympathy". Thanks we find joy in everything we do. But are we worth of this joy? we forget the hard work our parents do to put us on the frontier and to give us the ability to rise to the upper class. But in case of most of the Indians the parents themselves are unable to live what they can get for their children. It becomes our social and moral responsibility to understand their needs and give them the right scope to live and grow. Many those are in the orphanage live a healthy live with access to education. But these fellows even they have parents can't find time to play, to educate, to eat, to think of health and ultimately to live. Only thing they do is "struggle to survive every day". When these days would go? God has not done this as an evil or a mistake. Everything is done in purpose. It is just that God has given us the opportunity to carry on his task. To make his creation a better place and to make people realize of his divine existence. So how far we realize our task and how far we are motivated to carry on our responsibility? A big question indeed.

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