Tuesday, October 03, 2006

... Gandhigiri OR Bhagatgiri..????

Today I read an article in TOI written with pride about Gandhism and the philosophy of Bhagat Singh. The author advocated both sides but finally concluded that in present world nither is valid but a mixture of both can only be fruitful and both have there own context of application!
What I wondered about the conclusion is the author hardly understand the real meaning of "Gandgism" and "The philosophy of Bhagat Singh". In a physical way if we consider these two are not different. Actually both are the offspring of a single mainstream. The main root of both "Gandhi's peace way" and "Bhagat's Inqalab way" are actually the same. Both are form of self indulgance in what you believe in passionately and self restraince from what you find wrong. Both are the supreme form of self guidance and motivation. Both the ways are the form of trust in "Truth". And both are the form of "Heroism".
Here what gandhism means is not just limited to the path of peace. Peace is just the colour of the way and not actually the path or the destiny. The destiny is "TRUTH" and "VICTORY". And the path is self motivated passion. The passion of believing in the strength of inner self and the power of unity.
In the most fundamental rules actually Bhagat Singh's "Inqullab Philosophy" also follows the same path and destiny but with a different colour. They are the great examples of self controlled and self driven men who have laid paths to cherished for ever.
Now lets discuss the topic more logically and with few facts and figures.
What exactly is peace? Is it the absence of violence? No, mere absence of violence is not peace or the path of peace. Rather it is the presence of right justice and respect. Respect to humanity and the ability. Peace is the presence of unity, it is the assembly of men who are self controlled and has real comprihension of what is wrong and what is right.
Now what is peace in the realm of Ganghism? Gangi uphold peace as his standard of fighting. Ganghi worshiped peace as the supreme power and leveraged it in the destruction of British power. So what we understand from this method is "We must be peace full in all aspect and and try to imitate the three monkes by closing our eyes, ears and mouths????" is n't it? But that where we mistake. Peace is actully as per the definition given above not in keeping quite of in restraince but its in raising a finger where ever wrong is being done and in indulgane. Peace is in finding what is right and sticking to it while fighting for it till the end.
In 1947 even Gandhi supported the sending of Soldiers to the border for the battle with Pakistan. Why? Because in that context peace is in eliminatinmg the evil.
So in the logical sequence we can find even Bhagat Singh was also a worshiper of peace but in a different way.

So in the present day society what we should learn as Gandhism or Bhagatism is not peace or violent method but the selfmotivation and controll that they had shown. We must practice peace as the presence of right justice. We must learn to know these philosophy as trust in the inner self and developing the moral standard to decide what is wrong and what is right.
Once we understand this very concept of "self motivation towards the truth" to be the most fundamental rule of Gandhism or Bhagatism then what ever we follow will be fruitful and will ensure peace at the end. So lets stop debating on the two rules which are in reality has the same root and start practicing the fundamentals for the uplift ment of the society, the nation and above all the "self".
Jai Hind.

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