Sunday, April 27, 2008

Frustration's medicine - Marriage

Yesterday I met one of my friends (not exactly more of an acquaintance than a friend). Quite surprisingly she was excited to see me! After exchanging formal greetings I happened to ask so whats new? "When are to getting married?". "In june." :P I was taken a back. I just asked that as I didnt have have anything else to ask. Now she says she is really getting married. I banged on the target all by chance. I said so "you got the perfect man, eh?" "I don't know" she responded. Its an arrange marriage. I was surprised again. she used to be the one who scorns arrange marriage and a devotee of so called love marriage. Now its she before me proclaiming her marriage in an arranged manner. I said "but you never wanted to get a guy "arranged" for you?" Yeah but you see its the perfect age to get married and you should. But does there a perfect age for something? I mean its about the guy you gonna spend the rest of your life(at least supposed to) and how come you can decide on something so important on the sheer basis of age? "Its the time a girl must get married." My thought its not the right time you are talking about getting married you are talking about girl. You are really really pissed off being single and not getting the TDH, guy with attitude. Its that you are now restless with the inner desire to lose the tag of virginity. You want to sleep with a man ain't u.I told her "is it that you are really want to get married just that you feel its the age?" She was uncomfortable with question and the friendly disposition changed instantly. That revealed it all. Its not the age its the desire. Its no more like, I am want to have sex as I am married. Its like I want to be married as I want to have sex. Even I want to sleep with a girl but just that I have not put it so high on my list of priority and desires, so am not desperate to get married just to sleep and no more be single and frustrated


HellDev said...

Awesome!!! Better be frustrated and single then to Get married beacuse u NEED sex!!!

HellDev said...

How about sex on spur of the moment kinda way, rather then going through the excruciating ordeal of a MARRIAGE!!!