Monday, March 31, 2008

Living free somewhere

I had written it long back. Posted it today :)
So may not be upto the standard still, I thought it deserves a publication.

Don't search for me here,
I have abandoned this place.

Don't look for me in your memory,
I live there no more.

I have divorced life, I have cheated death,
Love for me no more, I am free somewhere.

Longing to be loved, seen and admired
I quited this earth to pursue my desire.

Its no heaven here, nor its any hell,
I don't know what makes them different
But yeah it has innocent wind, shining days and starry nights.

Yeah, the gods don't stay here, I live alone,
with my dreams pursued, life cherished and a sedated soul.

My soul laughs at me, laughs also my shadow,
But who cares them, I am living free somewhere.



--xh-- said...

nice one.. do keep more from ur old collection :-D like the expression 'cheated death' :)

abinash said...

Anoop: :) Will post few from old stuffs sure.

Mihir jha said...

Simply awesome,bhaiyya.Excellent thought and equally well creativity.