Thursday, January 08, 2009

I am unromantic

Now comes a doubt of doubts. After struggling with thoughts to find out an answer myself, when I failed miserably, I took refuse in internet and then correlated it with what perception I carried. Will juxtapose both what I found and what I thought here.
What is it "being romantic"? How to be?
Well the literally meaning would be like:
1. Belonging to or characteristic of Romanticism or the Romantic Movement in the arts
2. Expressive of or exciting sexual love or romance
3. Not sensible about practical matters; idealistic and unrealistic
1. A soulful or amorous idealist

Well going by its meaning as an adjective, I certainly am not romantic. At all.
I am not part of any romantic movement.
I am not an expressive sexual lover
I am not unrealistic, non pragmatic thinker. Might be I am not a thinker at all.

So By definition I ma not romantic and I would want to be one.
Now after wondering over many sites and pondering over many facts, I guess they are facts (Please check Here ), Again I realized I never have any such compulsion to any of the mentioned things. Neither I would like to have these abilities in me. So again I am not romantic.
Then I wondered is it really so I ma not romantic, and i researched and bumped into this link, Here. Now as per this link yes I ma romantic. I am not monotonous. I love to say I love you. I never show any disregard.
I make my way of doing things, saying things. Never let go small things, as i just love every small things too. Well I am just not much sincere. I agree. Now thats single point does not disqualify me from being romantic.

This is what the result I got after the comparative analysis of being romantic with internet data. Now coming to my very own perception, it goes as below:

Being romantic is being honest at the first place. Honest all the time and keeping the dignity up all the time.
Its being in killing the ego, to let the person in your life, to understand the needs and desires of the person. Its about the honest care and the feel of longing that comes naturally. It in letting her feel that you love her, not just say it.
It in respecting her liberty. Its in being the most trustworthy person in her life. Its being in making her feel the most comfortable in the world like a child in mother's womb. Its in giving her the sense of belonging.
I always believed this is what is called being romantic. Never knew that the world perceives it differently, like in gifting a surprise on a special occasion as if not every day u spend with her is special. In following a hundred weird way to speak that you love her. In kissing her with out regarding her comfort. In giving a card or flowers on a meet and utter out few emotional nonsense, which will carry no values in the course of time.
Sorry I am not romantic. And I prefer not to be.
I can'y make my love the slave of few false acts. I declare I am unromantic. And I take pride in it.

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